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Trivium Packaging is een wereldwijde leverancier van oneindig recyclebare metalen verpakkingen voor de toonaangevende wereldmerken. Onze familie van collega's telt bijna 7.500 medewerkers, op meer dan 60 locaties wereldwijd. Wij geven vorm aan de toekomst van verpakkingen om te zorgen voor een betere planeet voor iedereen – vandaag en voor de generaties na ons. Onze inhoud doet ertoe.

We brengen op consistente wijze nieuwe innovaties naar de industrie en winnen prijzen met onze verpakkingsoplossingen. Trivium is een nieuw bedrijf, ondersteund door meer dan 125 jaar ervaring, ontstaan door de fusie van brancheleiders Exal Corporation en Ardagh’s Global Food & Specialty-bedrijf in 2019. We bieden end-to-end-ondersteuning, van het bedenken van verpakkingen en grafisch materiaal tot de productie en logistiek.

Mensen staan centraal in ons bedrijf en vormen de basis van ons succes. We zitten in een spannende fase van onze transformatie en willen een divers personeelsbestand opbouwen om kennis en ervaring te delen. Werken bij Trivium betekent dat je je aansluit bij een collaboratieve gemeenschap met gezamenlijke doelen, waarbij we echte waarde creëren voor onze klanten, onze mensen en de planeet.

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Verhalen van medewerkers

My job is about bringing plans into reality

Lotte van Reisen
Lotte is a Production Assistant, End Department, in Deventer

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I studied product design and engineering. I was working in manufacturing and wanted to move back to Deventer from Utrecht to be nearer parents so I could support them. I looked for jobs within a seven-mile radius, because I can cycle there and back.

I chose Trivium because I like the mechanics of it, and the fact that we are making a physical product. When I go to the grocery store, I can check the letters on the can and see if it’s one of ours and what plant it has come from.

One of the things I check on is spoilage – keeping it as low as possible. We have cameras and sensors that take readings, so I stay on top of this data and make any adjustments needed. I also help implement the 5S system to keep the workplace in good order and efficient.

I like the process of thinking ‘how can we make things?’ and ‘how does it work?’ I went from the drawing board to the place where things are actually made. My job is all about bringing plans into reality. There are always issues that you need to understand and overcome through feedback and collaboration. The people here are passionate – they really want to make good easy opening ends.

Lotte van Reisen
Lotte is a Production Assistant, End Department, in Deventer

At the laboratory, we dig into the details

Merle Luchtenberg
Merle is a Junior Project Engineer based in Deventer, The Netherlands

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I studied forensic science, so when I joined Trivium, I didn’t know anything about can making – everything was new. I did training to learn about two- and three-piece cans, seaming, ends and openings. I spent weeks in different departments – from customer service to technical – to find out how all the different functions work together.

In my job, every day is different. You start off with a cup of coffee and reading emails, but then we’ll find out about an issue in production that we need to focus on. The production departments do a lot of checks themselves, but at the laboratory we can dig deeper into the details.

We do a wide range of work on improvements, from line speed to openings. I lead some projects and participate in others led by the Operational Excellence team. We currently have ends that are 0.18mm and we’re working towards making them 0.16mm to meet our sustainability commitments.

We do investigations in the laboratory, but we’re actually working in teams all day. We compare measurements and samples with plants all over Europe, to make sure everyone is aligned and accurate. Teamwork is crucial because we’re working on the same thing and maintaining the same high standards across so many different territories.


Merle Luchtenberg
Merle is a Junior Project Engineer based in Deventer, The Netherlands

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